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  • Iceleak’s Cool Catcher I-serial products are stand-alone cold traps that integrate the ice condenser chamber and chilling system. Cool Catchers are fully wheeled and can be moved around easily.
  • The cascade refrigeration system can reach a vacuum temperature below -70 Celsius degree (-70 F) with no load. The vacuum vapor condenser can be set with a full range of temperatures. 
  • The cold trap is designed to work at optimal condition according to the amount of vapor, saving electrical energy and reducing running costs. 
  • The ultimate vacuum pressure is less than 10 Pa, ensuring the quality of freeze-dried products. 
  • The chamber liquid water can be emptied with just one button press. 


SKU: 364215376135191
  • Cold trap - Cool Catcher T70-I

    Iceleak low temperature refrigeration system is a cascade refrigeration system that consists of two refrigeration compressors working in a cascade configuration to cool an evaporator in vacuum. The cold trap is designed to achieve temperatures as low as -70 F.

    The Cool Catcher is equipped with four vapor inputs to support up to four drying chambers simultaneously. To ensure high efficiency cooling, an all-copper coil condenser is used. High-quality temperature sensors are built-in to monitor the cold trap temperature in real-time. 

    The vacuum chamber and vapor surface contact area are designed to be large enough to contain ice up to 50 kg in one run. The chamber water can be easily emptied with just one buttone press.

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