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  • Modular design - consisting of a drying chamber, a cold trap and a vacuum pump. The drying chamber is tabletop, while the cold trap and pump can be placed underneath and kept from sight. 

  • Microwave technology - using high energy microwave source for volumetrical heating. Patented RF mode distribution for evenly drying quality.

  • Fast drying - significantly reduce the drying time down to 1-3 hours for most common foods.

  • Flexible and versatile - dry without considering the shape and weight. 

  • High vacuum -  vacuum pressure down to 5 pa with no load and down to 50 pa with load.

  • Low temperature cold trap - vacuum temperature can reach -50 Celsius degree (-50 F). 

  • Patented vacuum plasma detection technology - to ensure no electrical discharge and material burning occur.


Iceleak MW dryer uses microwave for heating. The microwave is generated by high quality magnetrons and guided to form resonant waves in the vacuum chamber. Drying quality is ensured by our patented RF mode distribution and plasma detection technologies.

Our microwaves can penetrate to the food so as the drying happens overall of foods. Compare conventional heating method where the heating goes from the outside to the inside gradually, the microwave is much faster. It also gives a much better result on irregular foods. 

How it works
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